David Cuff

David Cuff's music scores

A collection of uplifting classical-style music scores

I am a composer who lives in Melton Mowbray, UK. I compose mainly for piano / keyboard,  with or without accompaniment, and also some orchestral pieces. There are many problems in the world today, so these works will (hopefully) be found to be happy, uplifting and joyous.

I've put a few photos in my Gallery, all taken by myself, depicting scenes from both Western Australia and the UK. To remind us what a beautiful world we live in, which my music is intended to reflect.

Note: the sound samples of each piece are synthesised, just to give you an idea of how each would sound. The music will surely sound better when you play it for real!

ultimas partituras
Germination, Op.15
Clássico / Música de Câmara
16 Million Souls, Op.12
Clássico / Contemporâneo
The Hunter and the Hunted, Op.25
Clássico / Instrumental
Fanfare in E flat, for Organ and two trumpets, Op.17
Squillitin, Op.30
Clássico / Instrumental
Scharabaj, Op.20
Clássico / Instrumental
Droplets in a Shower, Op.23
Clássico / Instrumental
Painted Oboe, Op.24
Clássico / Instrumental
PopEye, Op.29
Clássico / Instrumental
Dancing Shadows, Op.22
Clássico / Instrumental
27 fevereiro 2019, Artigo
David Cuff's Music catalogue
Ten original compositions have been published on Musicaneo. Originally from the UK, I was living in Western Australia from 2006 to 2018, and these works were composed there. Nine of them lie within my overall theme of writing happy, uplifting music, to ...